Makaseh Identity vs New Email Ownership Header

28 Oct

Working with Yahoo, Facebook engineers developed an SMTP extension called Require-Recipient-Valid-Since (RRVS) which inserts a time-stamp in the header of an email message that indicates when Facebook last confirmed ownership of the Yahoo account.  “If the account changed hands since our last confirmation, Yahoo can just drop the message, preventing delivery of sensitive messages to the wrong hands,” said Murray Kucherawy, a software engineer at Facebook.

Makaseh Identity is a recognition tool that would positively identify a person, at any point of time and from any location. Recognition can be shared with third party web apps such as Face book, Hotmail etc and other apps installed in a PC or Tab or  Monitoring/Control systems. It would make the Cyber space secure and reliable for Users. Service providers can  operate with the knowledge that their customers will not be harmed by cyber-space delinquents.  Please check the links below for more information.

Makaseh Identity is Free for users without any time limit and can be used for any number of applications. 

Phone-In Protection

Your Own Secure Cloud Suite

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