Forbes: “Caution: Active Response to Cyber Attacks Has High Risk”

1 Dec

Cyber security will never get better until we are able to curb cyber crime.  The most important aspect, however, is how we do it.  An alarming new approach seriously being advocated in the U.S. and abroad is called “hacking back,” “striking back,” or “active defense.”  The danger here is that some of the proposed activities are illegal and may result in significant criminal penalties and civil liabilities for the companies and personnel who engage in them.  – Forbes


Makaseh secures data through pro-active technology.  It does not respond to threats selectively.  Hence it is not vulnerable to changes in hacking methods.  Watch short video on YouTube.

One Response to “Forbes: “Caution: Active Response to Cyber Attacks Has High Risk””

  1. Bob Gezelter December 2, 2012 at 2:28 pm #

    Indeed. Counter-hacking has always been manifestly a poor idea, a fact that I noted in Chapters 21 and 22 of the “Computer Security Handbook” (2002, Wiley). I took note of the difference between the internationally accepted Rules of Engagement for men-or-war (“Fire if fired upon”) with what is acceptable in civil commerce. I further noted that “counter-battery” actions were similarly, clearly in violation of the law.

    In short, as unsatisfying as it may be, the only safe actions are defensive, not offensive, in nature.

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