Could Cyber Attacks Ruin Christmas for Retailers?

25 Oct

A string of cyber attacks on U.S. financial institutions has created headaches this fall by slowing down or preventing online banking access for millions of Americans.

But imagine the real economic damage that similar-style attacks would cause if they struck U.S. retailers this holiday-shopping season, potentially eating into projected online sales of $54 billion.

While retailers deserve credit for bolstering their defenses against credit-card-hungry organized crime rings, security professionals believe the industry is vulnerable to this different kind of onslaught aimed at crippling online sales.

“The gloves are off in cyber space. The reality is if they want it to get worse, it can get worse,” said Dave Aitel, a former computer scientist at the National Security Agency. “I don’t think people are really prepared mentally to what happens if Amazon goes down.”  –  Fox Business


Makaseh wishes all a safe and secure holiday season on the Cyber Space.

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