False arrests on cyber-attacks trigger alarm / Investigation authorities urged to improve skills to tackle computer hijackers committing online crimes

9 Oct

“There have always been indications that some people may have been falsely accused. I feel the issue has finally come into the spotlight,” Sugiura said.

The computers of two men in Osaka and Mie prefectures who were arrested in separate cases on suspicion of posting mass-murder and bomb threats online are believed to have been infected with a virus that enables a third party to remotely operate the infected computer.

Some remotely controlled viruses can access a computer’s records and delete traces of infection, making it difficult for the owner to detect the infection, and for investigating authorities to find evidence of the intrusion.

Both men were eventually released when police found it highly likely that third parties had remotely used their computers to post the malicious threats. – Yomiuri Shimbun


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