Virus Seeking Bank Data Is Tied to Attack on Iran

10 Aug

The latest virus, nicknamed Gauss after a name found in its code, has been detected on 2,500 computers, most in Lebanon, the firm said. Its purpose appeared to be to acquire logins for e-mail and instant messaging accounts, social networks and, notably, accounts at certain banks — a function more typically found in malicious programs used by profit-seeking cybercriminals.

The researchers said the target banks included several of Lebanon’s largest — the Bank of Beirut, Blom Bank, Byblos Bank and Credit Libanais — along with Citibank and the online payment system PayPal.

“We have never seen any malware target such a specific range of banks,” Costin Raiu, Kaspersky’s director of global research and analysis, said in an interview. “Generally, cybercriminals target as many banks as possible to maximize financial profit, but this is a very focused cyberespionage campaign targeting certain users of online banking systems.”  –

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Makaseh could protect all transactions with financial institutions.

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