CYBER SABOTAGE: Basic Aussie services under threat

8 Aug

AUSTRALIA’S gas, electricity, water and transport computer systems are 20 years out of date and falling victim to cyber attacks daily, IT security experts say.

These critical infrastructure systems are controlled by the Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system which can go offline for more than a month without being reported, according to security specialist Phil Kernick.

“At the moment we see these systems failing every day and they just don’t get reported,” Mr Kernick, the chief technology officer at Australia’s largest independent cyber security consultancy CQR, said.

“If something went wrong as there was no requirement to disclose, it makes perfect sense why a company would choose not to talk about it.”

He said while companies may feel safe behind a firewall, they were in fact vulnerable to malware, hackers and viruses.   Herald Sun


Makaseh protects devices and controllers with secure access.

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