U.S. Chamber of Commerce leads defeat of cyber-security bill – LA Times

3 Aug

A Senate cyber-security bill fails to overcome a filibuster, as Republicans side with Chamber of Commerce objections. Bill proponents say that crucial infrastructure remains vulnerable to attack.

U.S. Chamber of Commerceand other business groups strenuously opposed the measure, condemning it as excessive government interference in the free market and arguing that cumbersome federal regulations could hamper companies trying to defend against cyber intrusions.

Democrats overwhelmingly supported the legislation, but for Republicans, it meant a stark choice between competing constituencies: national security officials and business leaders. Even after the bill’s backers made the standards voluntary, the Chamber of Commerce, which spends more on lobbying than any other trade group, opposed it.

On Thursday, the Senate cyber-security bill failed to overcome a Republican-led filibuster. Analysts say the bill couldn’t breach a wall of anti-regulatory sentiment that proved resistant to the dire warnings. – Los Angeles Times


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