Don’t Wait For Cyber ‘Pearl Harbor’

31 Jul

Russia & China Are Stealing Our Lunch Now!

As the Senate reconvenes to debate the cybersecurity bill, President Obama himself has set the stakes in terms of preventing a future catastrophic attack. But some say the real and present danger is what’s happening under our noses right now, in an online theft of intellectual property that Cyber Command chief Gen. Keith Alexander called “the greatest transfer of wealth in history.”
“Don’t wait for something to go boom. It’s happening and it’s happening quietly right now,” said David Smith, director of the Potomac Institute‘s Cyber Security Center, in an interview with AOL Defense. “I don’t think they’re nibbling around the edges; I think the rat’s eating your sandwich.”


Makaseh is a fortress!  Protect all data, connectivity and transactions in complete confidence.  It will not fail, because it is simple, based on a simple truth – security, and has no back-doors.

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