Taking the Cyberattack Threat Seriously – By BARACK OBAMA

20 Jul

In a future conflict, an adversary unable to match our military supremacy on the battlefield might seek to exploit our computer vulnerabilities here at home.

Last month I convened an emergency meeting of my cabinet and top homeland security, intelligence and defense officials. Across the country trains had derailed, including one carrying industrial chemicals that exploded into a toxic cloud. Water treatment plants in several states had shut down, contaminating drinking water and causing Americans to fall ill.  –  Wall Street Journal


Makaseh is designed to address all concerns.  It is simple, highly secure, user friendly and reliable.  Any individual or business can for the first time, use an application without having to exchange information of themselves, their preferences, or any other data to the manufacturer or third party servers.
Partner with us in bringing this to all Internet Users and make cyber space a safe place.

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