Will Your Internet Work on Monday? How to Check for DNS Malware

7 Jul

A nasty piece of malware called DNSChanger will kick thousands of Mac and PC users off the Internet on Monday, and there’s a chance you could be one of them.

The FBI is shutting down domains that have been affected by the DNSChanger malware, which has been circulating the web since as far back as 2007. The malware redirected Internet traffic to sites with paid advertisements where cybercriminals reaped profit from unsuspecting visitors.  –  Mashable


The Federal Bureau of Investigation really has posted a warning on its site about the risk of “DNSChanger” malware, which really will result in your computer getting disconnected from the Web on July 9 if you don’t clean it up. You won’t be able to go online, and you’ll need to contact your service service provider for help getting the malware deleted before you can reconnect to the Internet. – Discovery News


Makaseh Reventon will safeguard all the information you create, receive and store.  It will also retrieve it back for you safely should your computer crash because some virus attack. VoIP chat, Knowledge Base, Documents Management and many other features are embedded within.

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