Will Governmental Folly Now Allow for a Cyber Crisis?

6 Jul

“The greatest risks come from arrogance and ignorance, two human characteristics at the heart of most financial crises. Recent revelations about the super-viruses “Stuxnet” and “Flame” are particularly disconcerting. These viruses, apparently developed by the US and Israel to disrupt Iran’s nuclear programme, embody a level of sophistication far beyond anything previously seen. Both are deeply encrypted and difficult to detect once inside a computer. The Flame virus is capable of taking over a computer’s peripherals, record Skype conversations, take pictures through a computer’s camera, and even transmit information via Bluetooth to any nearby device.

If the world’s most sophisticated governments are developing computer viruses, what guarantee is there that something won’t go awry? How can we be sure that they won’t “escape” and infect a much broader class of systems, or be adopted for other uses, or that future rogue states or terrorists won’t find a way to turn them on their creators? No economy is more vulnerable than the US, and it is arrogant to believe that US cyber superiority (to all except perhaps China) provides it with impenetrable security from attack.”          – Project Syndicate


Makaseh has been tested.  We thank all who downloaded and tested it.  It is now proved that communication between two parties can be made secure, exchange data and keep its integrity and above all discourage unauthorized access.  An environment where businesses and individuals can store all their data such as emails, correspondences, chats, discussions, accounts etc is a sure possibility. 

Makaseh Reventon is the answer.  It is free for individuals and a small fee for businesses (Multiple user version). Third party integration interface will be provided to applications that seek it.  We will highlight Makaseh Reventon features daily in this page.

Download Here

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