With the advent of Makaseh Security, privacy and data integrity is now assured to all Internet users.

2 Jul

Please Download Makaseh here.

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The last few months have seen alarming attacks on computers world-wide. Governments, Corporates, Factories and Individuals were not spared. One report even suggested that almost $2.5 billion were hacked from US, European and Latin American Banks. Another report details the extent of damage a virus can do to automated installations and stored data. The list of attacks can be read in this blog-site.

Makaseh is designed as a security environment for a computer. When installed it would provide a space where all documents can be stored securely. Only the user will be able to read it. Should it be copied or hacked and phished, the contents will make no sense. If it is another unauthorized Makaseh user, an alert will be sent to the originator of the content. Emails, sharing documents and even third party data, such as banks transactions, can be done easily and securely without any concerns of being hacked and defrauded.

Please Download Makaseh here.

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