U.S. Critical Infrastructure Cyberattack Reports Jump Dramatically

30 Jun

A new report from ICS-CERT shows the number of reported incidents increased from 9 to 198 between 2009 and 2011

In 2009, ICS-CERT fielded 9 incident reports. In 2010, that number increased to 41. In 2011, it was 198. Of those 198, seven resulted in the deployment of onsite incident response teams from ICS-CERT, and 21 of the other incidents involved remote analysis efforts by the Advanced Analytics Lab. Incidents specific to the water sector, when added to those that impacted multiple sectors, accounted for more than half of the incidents due to a larger number of Internet-facing control system devices reported by independent researchers, according to the report.


Makaseh will be released at 0000 hrs (PDT) –  We would like to assure your concerns now:

a.  We are a small entity not obligated to anyone, including beliefs, sponsors and support.

b.  Our only intention is to make communication between two entities safe, secure and private.

c.  We have no intentions of knowing who you are, what you do and what you believe in.

d.  If you break any law or believe in inflicting damage to any individual who does or does not subscribe to your beliefs, you are not part of our program.

e.  If you break any laws that govern sovereign nations, we are compelled by statutory provisions to share what ever data we have on you.  We will not avoid our social responsibilities as it is our code.

f.  Everyone else who are law abiding, privacy mindful and intent on a secure and private interaction on the cyber space, we welcome you.

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