There’s No Balance Yet Between Online Openness & Privacy

21 Jun

People’s propensity to freely share a wealth of data online through blogs, social networks, professional networks, groups, and many other channels has created a precarious balance between online openness and privacy.


People share information without realizing the possibility of intrusions.  When intrusions and the resultant consequences begin to bother, the number of users would decrease.  It is surely not good for technology and the society.

A secure universal id, that is portable and distributed would be the answer to this

Makaseh users are never anonymous; but they cannot be identified by strangers.  Only accepted contacts would be able to identify and know the user.  The user  id will retain its privacy status for all the rest.

Makaseh transactions are all self  “Policed” and verified before a user can open a file or read the contents or perform a task.  Unauthorized attempts will alert the Owner of  the contents, while denying the intruder the ability to view the data.


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