Study claims the cost of protection far exceeds the cost of the threat itself

19 Jun

The report refers to new scams that completely depend on the internet as true cyber crime , and states that this is  only costing citizens an average of a few tens of pence per year directly.

However, it adds that “the indirect costs, such as the money spent on antivirus software, can be a hundred times that”.  The author of the report, Professor of Security Engineering Ross Anderson, claimed that a better use of money would be to kill the problem at the root, focusing on the criminals creating the attacks in the first place.

“Cyber crooks impose disproportionate costs on society and we have to become more efficient at fighting cyber crime,” Anderson said. Source: The Inquirer (


Makaseh transactions are all self  “Policed” and verified before a user can open a file or read the contents.  Unauthorized attempts will alert the Owner of the contents, while denying the intruder the ability to view the data.

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