Brussels wants e-identities for EU citizens

9 Jun

The European Commission is set to launch a substantial review of rules governing personal documents with the aim of making electronic identities take off across the EU. But the proposal faces likely opposition from civil rights groups and member states where identity cards do not exist.

“The concept of an electronic identity has in recent years been mainly associated with risks of identity theft and virtual fraud.

Officials say it is paramount that robust security mechanisms are put in place to guarantee the adoption of new electronic services. Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding has already suggested amending Kroes’ proposal to strengthen its data-protection obligations.

Among other things, Reding wants a 24-hour data breach notification to be part of the new regulation. If electronic identities are stolen or risk being wrongly used by non-authorised parties, the owners should be made aware of the data breach within 24 hours, argues the commissioner’s cabinet in an internal document seen by EurActiv.”

Makaseh security addresses both issue. Identities cannot be stolen in bulk for one and the user will be informed immediately if any of the document is stolen and tried to be cracked open by unauthorized persons.

Internet identity should enhance security and privacy only.  It should not be used for any other purpose.  The urgent need today is to ensure that communications between two parties in commercial, business,
personal and general environment are secure and not compromised.  An id that does not require login and password inputs, that cannot be stolen en masse and used, that is easily portable and distributable between various users, that cannot be hacked and used for identity theft should be the criteria.

The data exchanged between two peers must be solidly secure and tamper proof.  Law enforcement agencies can do with ip mapping, criminal network analyzing and securing judicial approval for further investigations.

With the free makaseh these would be achieved.  It will be released on 1st July, 2012.


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