A New Era of Privacy and Accountability on the Internet

3 Jun

So much money is being spent by corporations and individuals to protect their data on the cyberspace.  And yet IT Managers and Corporate Honchos have sleepless nights knowing the risks they would have to face, should some information is leaked out or compromised.  It is the decision makers dream to have all data secure, be able to pin on the person who leaked if that should happen, or pin on the sources that pay for it, deactivate anyone who steal the information and try to decrypt using another Makaseh installation and be warned with the user details and IP location; the list goes on and the advantages are many.

“There are no secrets online” say experts. “ That emotional e-mail you sent to your ex, the illness you searched for in a fit of hypochondria, those hours spent watching videos  — can all be gathered to create a defining profile of you.”  Other reports suggest that, “Ten Percent of Children Are Victims of Identity Theft.”  With 32.7% of the world population or 2,267,233,742 people using Internet in 2011, Cyber space has become a space for manipulations and fraud. DETICA estimates the cost of Cyber crime in the UK alone is approximately £21 billion per annum.

Seeking methods to protect information is legal and right.  “If privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy.” Phillip Zimmermann, author of encryption software program, PGP.  Private Encryption Protects Corporations and Consumers and private strong encryption does not pose a threat to society.

Internet privacy is an oxymoron,” said (Prof Lawrence) Lessig. “But, if we could build an identity layer into the Internet, we could actually recreate the idea of Internet privacy, so there would be both more privacy and more security.”  The need of the hour to usher in a secure environment for the cyber space is a unique User Identity layer that is portable, distributable and usable by third party applications.

Makaseh is designed for legitimate users, to protect their privacy and secure their data.  The keys are generated by the user and held by the user.  It will be their responsibility to secure the keys and keep a back-up for any eventuality.  The data is exchanged on a Peer to Peer connectivity and hence it will be almost impossible for private parties to intercept transmissions. In the event that they acquire the data through any means such as hacking, sniffing they would still not be able to decrypt the data from a different location. The method and protocols used comply to the International Cyber security laws.  It adopts a new method of creating an identity layer that would be portable and distributable with ease.  It could be used by anyone, including third party vendors such as Banks, Online traders etc to secure their communication with their users.

Get ready to send your mails, share files and documents and chat with your peers, securely, boldly and in confidence.  Every bit of data transacted will be secure and safe with Makaseh – the secure environment. Makaseh is a secure virtual environment created for the World Wide Web users. It is a desktop tool that ensures the safety, security and integrity of all data stored within the environment. Data stored and shared within the environment can be located anywhere; the personal pc, laptop or a cloud host. That is to say it need not be confined to the user’s hardware boundary. It had no walls; it can be stored anywhere and accessed from anywhere at anytime.

In real life there are very many environments one has to face and interact. The family environment is one, where again it is divided into close and distant. Not all information are equally shared with all. In fact some are carefully avoided to prevent gossiping.  Similarly there are environments such as business, friends (again close and casual), contacts, general public and so the list goes on.

Each of the categories is addressed logically and not programatically in the real world. Hence it is possible for the individual to keep information as private and confidential as they choose to. On the other hand any information transacted through the web goes public instantly and is available to anyone who wants to know. There are no secrets, however much we pretend that it is secure. Or it becomes cumbersome and expensive to protect data on the web and yet one is not sure.

All Makaseh installations are Free.  Only Enterprises and Business users would pay a small fee to interface their data sharing through Makaseh.  It can be downloaded from anywhere.  The reason that it would ensure the Security of all information including photographs, chat etc for the business, family and friends at no cost is a good reason to try Makaseh and get a user friendly, portable and distributable Identity for the Internet.

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