Makaseh Security & Cyber Law Enforcement

30 May

Makaseh has raised questions on compliance to International Laws on Cyber Security, Privacy & Encryption.

The concept of Makaseh has its foundations in establishing a User identity, that can be shared across different environments within the Makaseh platform, without any user intervention. That is to say a Makaseh user will have an id that users of different category, such as family, friend, business associate or Public Guest, can use to share information securely and congenially without concerns of being hacked, sniffed or intercepted by unlawful means. It will provide a basis to categorize data, authorize dissemination and store securely any where.

Experts say “There are no secrets online. That emotional e-mail you sent to your ex, the illness you searched for in a fit of hypochondria, those hours spent watching videos — can all be gathered to create a defining profile of you.” Other reports suggest that, “Ten Percent of Children Are Victims of Identity Theft.” With 32.7% of the world population or 2,267,233,742 people using Internet in 2011, Cyber space has become a space for manipulations and fraud. DETICA estimates the cost of Cyber crime in the UK of approximately £21 billion per annum.


Makaseh is the strong answer to this. The method and protocols used comply to the International Cyber security laws. It adopts a new method of creating an identity layer that would be portable and distributable with ease. It could be used by anyone, including third party vendors such as Banks, Online traders etc to secure their communication with their users.

“If privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy.” Phillip Zimmermann, author of encryption software program, PGP. Private Encryption Protects Corporations and Consumers and private strong encryption does not pose a threat to society.

Cyber Law requires that the encryption keys are sacrosanct, until the user a. breaks the law b. and a Govt agency requires to know c. and gets a Court/Judge acquiesce to the requirement and then the keys are properly shared. The keys can be stored with a Trusted Third Party.


Makaseh is designed for legitimate users, to protect their privacy and secure their data. The keys are generated by the user and held by the user. It will be their responsibility to secure the keys and keep a back-up for any eventuality. The data is exchanged on a Peer to Peer connectivity and hence it will be almost impossible for private parties to intercept transmissions. In the event that they acquire the data through any means such as hacking, sniffing they would still not be able to decrypt the data from a different location.

Makaseh will not collect data, other than that which is asked during registration. These information will be stored and used for identifying the user and administration purposes. Should reports/complaints of inappropriate or doubtful behavior be received, the user will be disabled after proper scrutiny.

Makaseh is developed to protect cyberspace users and with 10 years of learning and experience it has been evolved. It is a tool to return human relations and exchange of information between them, to normalcy, and in real time. There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed.” – Albert Schweitzer

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