Internet privacy an “oxymoron”

25 May

Internet privacy is an oxymoron,” said (Prof Lawrence) Lessig. “But, if we could build an identity layer into the Internet, we could actually recreate the idea of Internet privacy, so there would be both more privacy and more security.”

Internet privacy an “oxymoron”

Makaseh is exactly what Prof Lessig has advocated.  The free version is slated for distribution on the 1st of July. Please check our 2 min video at

It will be seen that Makaseh would create an environment that

a. allows cyberspace users to securely store their data in their own computers or on the cloud.

b. provide a user id that could be used globally in different environments such as family, business, friends and general public environments.

c. Generate a user friendly coding and transmission protocols that would make sharing data between users simple and secure

d. Make cyber space a congenial and secure environment without the threats of being hacked and bruised.

It is time that Internet privacy is protected and cyberspace made a congenial and secure environment for anyone to transact their business.  Makaseh has been conceived by putting into use the enormous experience we have gained through the years in developing good encryption protocols, sharing methods and office utilities.  Combining all of them together we have put Makaseh in place.

Social networking, chats, sharing documents, files, online businesses, even placing information on the web for users without being harassed by manipulative SEO’s are the features that will be available free to all users.

The enterprise version with corporate emails, documents and file sharing and management will be offered for a small fee.  Banks can use the Makaseh id of customers to transact online business without any concerns whatsoever. Even if someone has the card details, still they wont be able to transact any business if it is done with a Makaseh id.

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