Makaseh – the secure environment for web users will be made available freely to all on July1st, 2012.

10 May

Get ready to send your mails, share files and documents and chat with your peers, securely, boldly and in confidence.  Every bit of data transacted is secure and safe.

The application will be available for free download from sponsoring sites from that day onwards.

Makaseh would allow you to communicate normally, without fear or doubt.  Not long ago we did not have to worry every time we wrote a cheque or mailed a photo or discussed private and confidential issues through a mail.  Modern day communications, while technologically superior has given way to pilfering of privacy and individual assets.  Makaseh would be using the same technologies, but returning communication to normalcy between two human beings, as it were once. The security features are all embedded and the user would have nothing to do each time they initiate, reply or share a communication.

The second version, which is scheduled for mid-July would have upgraded corporate managed emails and documents management and files management.  It would also provide a space for sharing valuable data to like minded peers, without being toubled by canny and manipulative search engine optimizations.  Our indexing method would suit genuine content sharing interests to match up with like minded peers.

The third version, scheduled for August would add a unique ‘Buy or Sell’ functionality aimed at helping small manufacturers and traders worldwide to freely show case their wares and sell direct to interested parties anywhere without having to bear the costs of Advertising and Promotion etc.

Further additions will not commence before  2013.

Please keep watching for more details on Makaseh; to know how it is going to normalize communications over cyberspace .

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