Cyberspace Determinism

26 Apr

Cyberspace Determinism has become a relevant subject with 32.7% of the world population or 2,267,233,742 people using Internet in 2011. Homicide, assault, burglary, theft and rape are the crimes that bother law enforcement agencies world wide. There is a small and powerful force silently killing human dignity, taking away their privacy, blackmailing them, cheating and defrauding them and 32% of the world population are in their killing fields.

The open cyberspace has provided them with the opportunity to do anything they want and get away with it.

Determinism is a philosophy stating that for everything that happens that in given conditions, nothing else could happen.

Technological determinism is a theory that presumes that a society’s technology drives the development of its social structure and cultural values.

Most interpretations of technological determinism share two general ideas:

1.that the development of technology itself follows a predictable, traceable path largely beyond cultural or political influence, and

2.that technology in turn has “effects” on societies that are inherent, rather than socially conditioned or produced because that society organizes itself to support and further develop a technology once it has been introduced.

Hard determinists would view technology as developing independent from social concerns. They would say that technology creates a set of powerful forces acting to regulate our social activity and its meaning.

Soft Determinism views the way technology interacts with socio-political situations. Soft determinists still subscribe to the fact that technology is the guiding force in our evolution, but would maintain that we have a chance to make decisions regarding the outcomes of a situation.

Environmental determinism has been adopted by the urban design field to describe the effects the built environment may have on behavior. This is the basis of the concept of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) which attempts to modify disruptive behaviors through appropriate design of the physical environment. This concept is also the basis of active space which tries to encourage activity through the design of a space.

A call for Cyberspace Determinism is in order and must be addressed sincerely.

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