What is Makaseh

24 Apr
Makaseh is a secure virtual environment created for the world wide web users. It is a desktop tool that ensures the safety, security and integrity of all data stored within the environment.  Data stored and shared within the environment can be located anywhere; the personal pc, laptop or a cloud host.  That is to say it need not be confined to the users hardware boundary.  It had no walls; it can be stored anywhere and accessed from anywhere at anytime.  The limitations are restricted to the compliance of the user in having the Makaseh environment on the person at that moment.
What are the applications available with Makaseh

At the first release Makaseh will come with email, chat, files/documents sharing applications.  It will be a free service with no limitations.  All the data will be 100% percent secure, without residing in any server without the users option.

What are the other applications that will be available in the future

There are many applications that are in the pipeline and will be announced in due course.

How is Makaseh secure than other similar applications:

All applications hitherto in use have a centrally controlled system that dictates the storage, distribution, and transport mechanisms.  Even encryption services have a centrally controlled server and files and data that are claimed to be stored with encryption are in the hosting companies control.  The keys are generated by them, it is stored for administrative reasons but also gives the possibility for anyone to try and hack it and use it for their own purposes.  We have seen personal data compromised in such a way many times.  The risk is enormous.

Even in normal transactions, the data transported between two computers reside in server used for data transfers, or it is accessible to those who intercept it in any means.  It can be easily reassembled and viewed with ease, once it is in their possession.

Data stored in one’s computer can be stolen in many ways by way hacking, phishing and copying.  Computers hard disks/laptops stolen are a treasure trove of data for the one who has it and it could be priceless to competitors and fraudsters.

Makaseh is designed to ensure that the data is the sole property of its owner, no matter where the data is stored, how it is transported and who has possession of it.  It is far more safer than having a printed document stored in a high security vault.  Even if someone has it in their hands, it would be of no use to them.

The only serious and important factor is for the user to keep his key secure and safe.  The keys are created and held by the owner not the service provider.  We do not give our house keys to the contractor or the watchman.  If we do, then one should be ready for the consequences.

How does Makaseh work

Makaseh is the result of years of experience in creating secure and user friendly applications.  Any application that needs to be secure has to be provided with a covering, a lid, a tool that would keep the contents secure.  It has to be in the assigned  place and  none other than the authorized personnel could have access to it.   Makaseh has been designed with these in mind.  The data is covered with a dynamic user generated encryption, stored in the defined space of the hardware locations and only the data owner’s authorized user can access and use it.  If by accident someone should be able to access it, they would not be able to see it or use it.

One Response to “What is Makaseh”

  1. Awesome Sandra (@AwesomeSandra) April 26, 2012 at 6:11 am #

    As time passes, one only has to view the news reports, to know that this is a high standing issue. To believe that we (individual and Small Business), are secure, it is a avoidance of facts. All are vulnerable, if connected to the Internet. If we travel, the laptops, etc are also vulnerable of theft and breach. This sounds like an interesting product, worth trial.

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