Find Out Why Business Chat with another linguistic region is made easier and simple

27 Aug

Makaseh for Android

Down load Available from 31st August


OPEC, The G7 & Obama’s Cyber Security Warning

10 Jun

Here are just a few of the alarming statistics that we uncovered during the course of our investigations:

  • An increase in reported cyber attacks of 200 per cent from 2013-2015
  • 60 per cent of oil and gas companies have no incident response plan in place to deal with a cyber attack
  • 92 per cent of IT professionals believe that cyber attacks present a major threat to the oil and gas industry, yet 27 per cent of companies still lack an in-house cyber security team  …more

Makaseh Identity – an Identity based cyber security solution.

Five of the worst things to have happened as a result of cyber attacks

26 Apr

Hackers can damage infrastructure as well as people’s lives.  Read on for a list of some of the worst and, in some cases, saddest outcomes of cyber crime.  more…

Security Loopholes in Banking Institutions not Patched, Hackers Still in

10 Mar

An article from Financial Times, a security company named Bronzeye has identified risks in the banking field and has addressed these risks to the FCA (which stands for the Financial Conduct Authority). Although they were properly informed of the severity of such risks, it appears that the FCA did nothing to raise awareness on customers or even find the right cure to the problem.    more

Malicious Emails Can crash some Android version of the Gmail App

20 Feb

“When the victim receives the malicious email, the application crashes while trying to download the email. Any attempt to open again the email application triggers a crash before the user can do anything. The email application can not be used until the offending email is removed,”  More

Makaseh Identity is a recognition based tool that would prevent emails from unauthorized/unrecognized persons to be identified and alerted or removed.

First Preview of Makaseh Identity

28 Jan

Makaseh Identity is now ready for release. A first preview with a short 2 min video on youtube has been released to give an idea of the concept.

The video details the creation of the Makaseh Identity by the user. Being a recognition tool, the user creates and manages the identity. The Makaseh server simply enables the Identity creation and recognition process.

The video shows how simple it is to secure a file within the system, share with other users. It can easily be integrated with web-mail accounts, social media, cloud services such as drop box, banking and financial transactions…all without having to make drastic changes to the existing environment or high capital investments.

More videos and information on Makaseh are already available in

A New and Reliable Concept for Cyber Security!

Can we become ‘Retarded’, please!

1 Jan

Can we become ‘Retarded’, please!.

Top Cyber-espionage Campaigns of 2014

1 Jan
Last year surely was action-packed when it came to various forms of hacking, data breaches, new malware, and related matters. Some of the most sophisticated cyber-espionage campaigns have been revealed last year. Many of them so advanced, there is not a bit of doubt that they are state-backed. – more

The Sony hack was small-time; much worse is yet to come

27 Dec

Imagine if a nuclear power grid or national water carriers were hacked. They are all fast becoming part of the Internet of Things and their disruption could have horrifying consequences.  –  more

Time to re-consider an Identity Based recognition system – Makaseh Identity.

Why Sony’s Breach Matters

23 Dec

The bad news continues with the reality of the FBI assertion of the role of a nation state in the attack or at the very least a level of sophistication that exceeded that of a multinational corporation…..  more

Without changing the architecture, an Identity layer based on solid recognition features will help to add to the protection of Users. It will be economical, easier and much more reliable. It would control home automation, Utility controls, files stored and shared, emails, social media…

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