Are cafés safe workplaces?

24 Jul

Wi-Fi has given us the freedom to work where we want, but how secure is that hot spot at your favorite café?

Combat Cyber Crime

23 Jul

Today’s world is more interconnected than ever before. Yet, for all its advantages, increased connectivity brings increased risk of theft, fraud, and abuse.

Use A Typewriter : Patrick Sensburg , German Cyber Security

21 Jul

Germany is considering ditching PCs and returning to the typewriter for sensitive documents in the wake of the NSA spying scandal, the head of the  government’s inquiry into the situation has admitted. ——- Makaseh offers total protection for all data stored on a PC.



Financial services firms are worried they are losing the cyber security war

19 Jul

…while share prices do take a hit following a significant data loss or security breach, they then tend to recover within 24 weeks and some people regarded that as acceptable.

Makaseh Identity is a reliable alternative to current UTM technologies.

Diverse Coalition Identify Lack of Oversight in CISPA Reincarnation

18 Jul

Privacy Watchdogs Condemn CISA, Dismiss Cybersecurity Threats

Makaseh establishes Privacy control to the user


Public-Private Collaboration For Cybersecurity

17 Jul

Public-Private Collaboration For Cybersecurity

The White House has signaled its tilt toward a cooperative and voluntary approach for protecting “critical infrastructure” assets from cyberattacks .

Makaseh Identity gives the user full control on the creation and use of its protection on the Cyber-space. Launch date to be announced soon.

Privacy Groups Call On Obama To Reject Cybersecurity Bill

16 Jul

Privacy Groups Call On Obama To Reject Cyber-security Bill

The bill has come under fire for its loose limits on sharing information about cyber threats without properly filtering personal information from it among government agencies, including the National Security Agency (NSA).

Watch out for Makaseh Identity to be released next week as a free basic version for cyber space users. The next generation tool to suppress cyber insecurity.

Is This Is The End For Internet Users?

15 Jul

Is This Is The End For Internet Users?

New Cyber Security Bill Passed; but the bill could strip average people’s privacy rights as they share information over the digital highway.

Makaseh Identity protects the privacy of the average person who belong to the vast majority of honest users.

Quantum computers challenge cybersecurity

14 Jul

Quantum computers challenge cybersecurity

The advent of quantum computers will challenge the fabric of online security which we rely on to protect the electronic passwords we use every day 

Makaseh Identity protects data from code breakers.



Next-generation firewall comparisons show no product is perfect

26 May

Next-generation firewall comparisons show no product is perfect

Most data loss is ascribed to machine ability to accept a false authorization. User carelessness, has always been the cause. Security protocols and procedures have gotten to be more strenuous and complicated; hackers on the other hand have the advantage; to detect lapses by writing a few lines of codes and then use it to achieve their ends.


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