Cyber Security

21 Jan

Cyber Security

Makaseh redefines cyber security


Five predictions for information security and cybercrime in 2014

11 Dec

Five predictions for information security and cybercrime in 2014

A panel of data and information security experts share what they think will be the big talking points in 2014

Makaseh – the reliable and trustworthy technology to protect data


Cyber experts uncover 2 mn stolen passwords to global Web accounts

5 Dec

Cyber experts uncover 2 mn stolen passwords to global Web accounts

Security experts have uncovered a trove of some 2 million stolen passwords to websites including Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo from Internet users across the globe.


Makaseh Identity provides reliable security without the need for user names and passwords.  The integrity of the system and the privacy and data of every user will be secured.


eCommerce exposed

18 Oct

eCommerce exposed

An engineering graduate who managed to buy high-end products worth over Rs. 18 lakh from a well-known shopping website by not paying more than Rs. 20 has intrigued cyber sleuths in the city.

Makaseh id prevents tampering with intercepted data


Invest in Makaseh – Join us to make the Cyber space safe

22 Sep


Internet users and usage is set to grow at an enormous rate.  So would security issues, as more and more applications are made available with their own inherent faults, that would allow hackers to invade privacy, steal  identity and profit in ways no one could guess, anonymously.

Makaseh is set to protect every user and business by creating an enviornment that would secure all data transactions, storage and communication.  It would create a unique identity for every user; strong, reliable and unique as a DNA, that would be impossible to duplicate, copy or emulate, to be usable for a hacker for any deviant purpose.

The opportunity to be involved in this project by way of investing is now open and Sharon Systems is now open for discussions with Investors from any part of the world.  To know more about Makaseh, please watch the following videos and visit                 [Product video]              [Product Investor Promo]                   [Product Demo]                         [PuDocs - Files and Folders Protection]

Please send me a message for more information.


10 ways to avoid a cyber attack

2 Sep

10 ways to avoid a cyber attack

According to the latest 2013 Information Security Breaches survey, 87 per cent of small businesses have reported a security breach this year (up from 76 per cent a year ago). The average cost to a small business of its worst security breach of the year is estimated to be between £35,000 and £65,000.


שנה טובה

31 Aug

שנה טובה

Google’s statement on email Privacy

29 Aug

Google, says the following on email privacy:

“Moreover, multiple courts have held that all email senders impliedly consent to the processing of their emails by virtue of the fact that email cannot be sent or delivered without some form of electronic processing. This combination of express and implied consent bars Plaintiffs’ claims in their entirety, under both the federal and state wiretap statutes.”

Google Glass Ban Underscores Privacy Concerns Months Before Futuristic Specs Are Even Released

How to make cyberspace safe for human habitation

28 Aug

“Every part of our lives is touched by the Internet, and we interface with that network through our devices. I gave examples of network connections, laptops, phones and even implanted defibrillator’s being co-opted. When our devices betray us, we are compromised in every conceivable way.”  CORY DOCTOROW

Makaseh Identity secures the cyber-space for human habitation



Google: Forget Privacy When Using Gmail

20 Aug

This basically means Google believes it is okay to read and analyze the content of your private emails (sent or received by a Gmail user) so it can better target you with advertising.

Manipulated Marketing Thrives on Privacy Infringement


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