Hackers & the Probability of Detection.

12 Sep

The PDR for a high security system is normally categorized to be above 97%, ie if a system is attacked it should with stand 33 attempts before even a caving in. We want to test Makaseh to this high standards and invite those who who are upto this task to participate. There is a $1000 booty to the first successful attempt and 90 days time limit. To participate please write to us at themakaseh@gmail.com


DOG and a LION

12 Sep


Experts Give Cyber security Tips in Light of Gmail Hacking Incident

12 Sep

“I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve used the same password since the seventh grade,” Charlotte resident Douglas Brown said. “It’s hard to keep it all straight. –   more…

Choose makaseh Identity and do away with passwords.  Your identity remains on your devices and is auto updated at intervals.  more…

Open University teams with UK government to offer free cyber security course

5 Sep

The course’s content has been devised by the Open University and will be accessible through the FutureLearn.com education platform, which hosts free online courses for UK and overseas universities.     Read more

Cybersecurity Is A Severe And Growing Challenge For Government Contractors

2 Sep

Government contractors are attractive targets for cyber attacks because the U.S. federal government – the largest producer, collector, consumer, and disseminator of data in the world – entrusts sensitive information to these private companies.

                                                                                                                                                                    –  Forbes 8/26/2014

I do not believe you can do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.
Nelson Jackson

Makaseh is tomorrows technology : offered today. 


Germany unveils draft cyber security law to protect ‘critical infrastructure’

22 Aug

The proposals are designed to ensure the security of IT systems, “the protection of citizens generally”, and ensure Germany’s IT systems and digital infrastructure becomes “the safest in the world”.

7 things you should do NOW to keep cyber-criminals from hacking your life

20 Aug

1. Learn what’s most valuable to hackers (and it’s not your credit card number).

Phone-in protection

19 Aug

Turn your smart phone into a #Cyberspace Protection Unit




Xiaomi RedMi 1S – Xiaomi handset spying on users’data

12 Aug

Experts at F-Secure security firm analyzing the new Xiaomi RedMi 1S discovered that it sends out to a server located in China a lot of user’s data.

Passcodes are Outdated

5 Aug

A Closer Look: Secure your phone without passcodes
By ANICK JESDANUN, AP Technology Writer 


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